See and hear what Nathalie's clients have to say:
Catrin Rubenson, Sri Lanka / Sweden
"clarity and 4 clients after 2,5 months"
Ken Kurtzweg, Germany
"almost doubling my income within 3,5 months"
Daniele Piva, Italy
"sold my first coaching contract worth 37 kEUR after 2 months"
Amani Said, Spain
"starting my coaching Business and fullfilling my dream"
Cornelia Handschin
"bitcon-granny: 3 clients after only 3 sessions"
Philipp Vollenweider, Switzerland
"results in speaking, sales & getting coaching clients"
James Dand, UK
"you truly care about getting your clients to have results"
Mariana Solorzano, Germany
"13 clients after 6 sessions"
Jeanette Roth
"quadrupled my income within 4 months!" (german translated)
Florian Fritz
"founded my Millionaire Mind Money School"
Mark Harvey, UK
"going for my first million now!"
Melody Oonincx, NL
"go for it, it's really worth it!"
Vishal Chaudhari, India
"pipeline filled, 1 corporate client worth 50 k$!"
Mona Tenjo
"Little Voices are much smaller, founded my business, got 3 clients!"
Riccardo Roano
"could not have done it without you"
Nirupama Vyas, India
"9 clients after 3 months - you changed my life!"
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Ken Kurtzweg, Germany
"Closing a 6 figure deal thanks to the techniques I learned!"
Diana Blanco, Spain
"Big Win at the Sales Bootcamp!"
Mattia Brunello
"got back 20 x my investment right there, at the Sales Bootcamp!"
Anette Schreiber, Germany
"amazing Sales Program"
Tiffany Dahl, Switzerland
"lost my fear of selling"
Björn Uhrig, Germany
"highly recommend the sales program"
Kornelia Kotulla, Germany
"sold 10 voice coachings and my business is increasing!"
Michiel Van de Watering, NL
"much better listener after the Sales & Leadership Program"
Amani Said, Germany
"highly recommend the sales workshop"
Antonio Forni, Switzerland
"great energy & community"
Caty Hendriks, NL
"great sales program"
Ken Kurtzweg, Germany
"almost doubled my income within 3 months, got rid of my Little Voice and bought myself a new Tesla"
James Dand, UK
"Thank You"
Mark Harvey, UK
"got to 6 figures within 3 months"
Gaspar da Silva, Brazil
"got 2 clients before even finishing the Quickstart Formula"
Roberto Maugheri, CH
"implemented your sales & social media strategy and got a client straight away!"
Christian Erhard, DE/CH
"learned how to get noticed on Linkedin and got a couple of unexpected clients along the way"
various wins!

What Participants of our VIP Sardinia Retreat say:
Interview with Ken Kurtzweg, Innovation Coach
Interview with Stephany Chantal Jones, Authentic Leadership Coach 

"Punishment" in Paradise 
- after Day 2 of the Retreat
Bring your Teenagers! 
Tarik Kurtzweg (age 16) about his Mission
Reccomendation by Stephany Chantal Jones, Authentic Leadership Coach 

Reccomendation by Ken Kurtzweg, Innovation Coach
What Participants of our Workshop "Brand By Speaking" say:
Iris Vollenweider, Freienstein
"BrandBySpeaking is something for Beginners and Experts. Most of all for People who have an audience or customers in front of them. The impact you get by using these techniques can improve a lot!"
Corinne Steiner, Zurich
"Get out of my comfortzone and go with the first draft showed me how to go with the flow. Thank you for the push to speak and the support and the know-how to improve."
Andras Kapros, Zurich
"Nathalie is a knowledgable presenter. Her workshops are forcing you to practice and learn by doing which is the quickest way to improve your skillset and personal brand."
Michael Schwab, Oberengstringen
"Nathalie is such a great support to help people how learning to speak on stage. Authentic, clear and fun. She covers all to have a great day to brand yourself by speaking."
James Dand, Kent - UK
"Informative program that delivers simple but effective processes & techniques to enhance your branding & speaking ability. I trully recommend it."
Kenneth Kurtzweg, Weissensberg DE
"BrandBySpeaking is a cultual course for anyone speaking 1:1 or 1 to many people and helps you understand the fundamentals of an empowering presentation."
Daniela Babjakova, Zurich
"A very good experience, interactive, good energy, speaker is a real pro like the whole support of team! :-)" 
Regina Meier, Zurich
"Thank you for organizing this great event, learned a lot in a very positive environment. I can only recommend it!"
Diana Blanco, Oniedo - ES
"It was a simple structure of the content, easy to follow, I got help to create my speech, highly appreciatiated the content value!"
Andreas Müller, Rieladingen DE
"It was a great experience and learning/repetition on how to present in an interesting way so people get a lot more impact out of your presentation."
Anette Schreiber, Frankfurt -DE
"Well structured program which gives a great and useful opportunity which can be elaborated later on individually. Content applicable to no matter which industry and position. Fun and valuable exchange to put into practice and leverage my business."
Sylvia Schmid, Benzenschwil
"Nathalie is very professional and gave a top performance."
Cornelia Handschin, Niederhelfenschwil
"I had an awesome training with Nathalie who prepared me for my speech on stage."
Elmar Walthert, Kleinwangen
"I got lots of suggestions to increase the attention of my audience, useful practical tools, interesting guestspeakers."
Remy van Loon, Saint Louis, France
"It was a great experience, powerful day, great content."
Raphael Ueberwasser, Zurich
"Being on stage was definitly worth the money!"
Mat Lanfear, Zurich
"It was a great experiential workshop, I was getting more clarity on my message."
Hicham Adamou, Zurich
"Appliable, easy 1 day learnings, covering various aspects of speaking and branding."

What Participants of our Workshop "THE SALES BOOTCAMP" say:
Gaspar da Silva, Zurich (Brazil)
Coming from the IT branch, SALES was always an "alien" to me & Nathalie gracefully showed how easy it is to become a sales expert.
Daniela Babjakova, Zurich (Poland)
I have been on a couple of events of Nathalie, the outcome has always been inspiration, insights, but most importantly = schemes, structure & clarity!!!
Andras Kapros, Zurich (Hungary)
Before the Sales Bootcamp I had no clue how to approach sales. After: good understanding of salesprocess, mindset and proven tools to work with in the future
Mariana Solorzano, Mexico
Loved that Nathalie taught us practical things that we can use to sell. Before the workshop I was having doubts about: selling on stage, handling objections, offer 1:many After the event I learned all those things.
Adrian Gasser, Fällanden
Spent a short day with a lot of learning, training, adapting and improvement. A one day program that usualy is a full-week-training.
Kenneth Kurtzweg, Germany
This Bootcamp is essential for anyone with their own business and to become successful.
Diana Blanco, Spain
One thing is thinking of sales and a completely different one is doing it. Before I wasn't clear on how to add value, now I am and that gives me the confidence to ask for money in return.
Katrin Rossi, Zurich
Engaging & practical content, GREAT PRESENTER.
I always thought that selling is sleezy & horrible. Now I can see that it is about adding value to people who really need my services.
Amani Said, Sweden
I learned even deeper how to adress my "blockers" when it comes to selling and the value of practising objections, which is my biggest challenge.
Although I have attended sales workshops before SBC, I still struggled with selling. After taking this workshop I have been able have even further breakthroughs and remove even more of my blockers that were hiding back to sell! An awesome workshop, take it !!
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